August Car Sales Roundup: Toyota, VW, Kia Hammer Down While Infiniti Fades Fast


August was a solid month in a flattish year for by and large vehicle deals, and it saw the proceeded with development of the widely adored pattern: hybrid and truck numbers overwhelming cars and cars. Notwithstanding some ongoing discuss a conceivable subsidence blending, producers who announced August deals didn’t appear to have numerous issues moving greater sheet metal. As we’ve noted previously, the American Big Three have all changed to quarterly revealing, so it’ll be one more month until we see summer marketing projections from Ford, General Motors and Fiat-Chrysler.

In any case, The Drive’s month to month vehicle deals roundup spectacle must go on, so here’s the means by which August shook out for every other person from the most noteworthy to least counts. The year-to-date rate changes recorded look at January 1 – September 1 out of 2018 and 2019. Combinations that report numbers from various brands under a similar umbrella are joined, while those that keep things isolated are broken out.

Toyota/Lexus (248,334 deals | ⇣ 0.7 percent YTD)

The consolidated may of Toyota and Lexus is constantly noteworthy: 248,334 vehicles sold in August, 12.3 percent up YOY. Each and every Toyota SUV nameplate heaped up increases, including the portion driving RAV4 (48,481), the revered 4Runner (13,258), the antiquated Sequoia (1,122), and the all of a sudden jeopardized Land Cruiser (283). About each vehicle model rose as well, including the just-propelled Supra (643) notwithstanding all the seller markup garbage. Toyota’s ongoing interests in new forms of the Camry, Corolla, and Avalon appear to fight off the sedanapocalypse for the occasion. In any case, the signs are still there—specifically, the way that the truck/SUV portion of Toyota’s business volume keeps on ticking up, from 62 percent in July to 65 percent in August.

Lexus likewise picked up on a year ago’s August, however not by very as noteworthy an edge: 4.6 percent, arriving at 29,931. That is still sufficient to beat every one of the Germans. In excess of 33% of that complete originates from the Lexus RX hybrid, with the ES the main other huge volume dealer at a hair more than 5,600. The numbers are a diverse assortment, and generally what you’d expect for an automaker with a committed fanbase and a couple of inquisitively dated vehicles. No LFAs moved for the current month—Lexus is still at 3 on the year for those.Honda North America sold 173,993 vehicles in August for its greatest month ever, with Honda (158,804) and Acura (15,189) both up year-over-year and month-over-month. It ought to be nothing unexpected that the top selling vehicle was the Honda Civic with 34,808 driven off the parcel, while 44,235 Honda CR-Vs found new proprietors. The two models appreciated twofold digit development contrasted with this time a year ago even as hybrids remain Honda’s most smoking section.

Acura’s numbers are all the more intriguing. The scale is much littler, yet Acura’s SUV deals are in reality down from a year ago, while its rising vehicle deals are what lifted its general numbers. It was an incredible month for the minimal ILX and average size TLX vehicles—both up twofold digits YOY— – and even the American-made NSX supercar bounced 66 percent from last August. Without a doubt, that brings its Aug. 2019 aggregate to 25.